It’s a new year again and it’s the season of celebrations and resolutions. Many of us would have resolved to stay fit. Physical inactivity and awful eating habits are a major cause of most chronic illnesses that makes clear that a sluggish lifestyle is problematic in long term. Having a regular fitness regime has proven benefits but overdoing can wreak havoc on our bodies and mind. So let’s see how much is too much for people like you and me who are living real human lives which is complicated and unpredictable.

Secretly the goal of fitness for most of us seems to be a lean and toned up body. If we are lean we are fit and not otherwise. This is such a deep routed imbibed thought that we can go to any extent to achieve it. Some crazy practices that are in today are fad diets and overexercising. We all tend to forget that we have two sides of physical being psychological and physical. Both of these must be nurtured to stay truly and happily fit. So the question is how much is too much for us.

A very simple answer to this is to align your fitness goal to your way of life. It has to be on an individual basis. One size fits all training concept is absurd. The fitness regime should be aligned as per the type of life you are leading, your training background, age, gender, and health status.

A family person should not ideally take up programs that are recommended to athletes or the entertainment industry. Excessive workout and calorie deficit diet can leave us irritated and tired the whole day and can do good to no one. We have a family to take care of, work at the office, where patience and focus are expected which a tired mind and body cant provide.

We are conditioned to eat in a particular way since childhood so why not refine the same rather than opt for fad diets. This doesn’t mean we should not try strenuous programs but that should be done keeping the rest of the day in mind.

Moderate exercise with an ample amount of rest and having a balanced diet is the best way to stay healthy and peaceful. This may not be a quick fix to our problem but will have an enduring positive impact on our personality.

To sum it up the best check of our fitness regime is how it impacts our relationship with others the whole day.