Most of my clique comprises of women in the prime years. This is the time when our creative energies are at its peak and the forces of life strongest. Many of us are busy homemakers and while others are busy juggling home and work. While we lead diverse lives there is a commonality that I have observed, all of us feel meaningless and redundant at a certain point. What is it that makes us feel so?

Working women who are married continue to carry the lion’s share of domestic responsibility. Women are happier when they have both career and family. But the crushing work pressure of juggling both leaves no scope for leading a balanced life.

Homemakers’ achievement is not only ephemeral but frequently taken for granted. Hours of the effort of cooking are globed down by family in a minute and likewise cleaning once it’s finished must be done again. It’s well said that “a housewife’s work is never done”. Over the period, they start feeling that household work is not satisfying however the menial task must be done.

Many factors contribute to constant frustration in middle-aged women. Some of them being long work hours, lagging because of interruption in career, lack of flexibility in work, most important being the restrictive female stereotype defined by society. All these factors lead to one common problem and that is frustrated creativity in women in their prime age .Our life needs to balance so that our creativity does not suffer.

Boost your creative energies whether you are a homemaker or a working professional. You need to broaden your horizon or else your energies will turn against you. Here are quick tips to be more creative.

1. Exercising regularly can get your creative juices flowing being sedentary makes us prone to having a fixed pattern of thinking.

2. Udemy,skillshare , youtube can be used to improve any of your creative skills like drawing, cooking, playing a musical instrument of your choice.

3. Reading more and talking to experts gives enough food to the brain to work creatively.

4. Always take someone else’s opinion, it can be your pals, grandparents, children, or anyone with whom you can have a deeper conversation and who can give you a different perspective.

5. There is no routine task only a routine way of doing it. Changing the way of doing things also makes us happy.

6. Last but not least Allen Cohen said there is a virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest and none of them can be neglected. So get some rest gals!!

Women need to understand that putting all their energy supporting the growth of husbands and children is not going to help. Instead finding a middle path combing her home life with the full development of her creative potential is needed. Employers must craft meaningful work-life balance policies otherwise it’s going to be a huge challenge for younger women to continue their career. Society as a whole must appreciate the complexity of womanly being.